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Anti-Bullying Champions Training

Available as a series of virtual events, delivered via Zoom or MS Teams


This one-day course offers those providing support to colleagues concerned about bullying or harassment with the knowledge, confidence and skills for success in the support role


In March 2021, the CIPD reported that bullying and harassment continues to be a significant problem in UK workplaces, with a recent survey showing that one in four employees had experienced ‘bullying, intimidation or harassment’ at work, with the same proportion reporting ‘shouting or heated arguments and verbal abuse or insult.’ 


Despite the unacceptable incidence of bullying and harassment in the workplace, many experiencing or witnessing incidents do not report them for a number of reasons ranging from being unsure whether the event was serious enough to report, through to a lack of belief in the organisation’s willingness to deal with the situation.


A 2018 report published by the Cabinet Office into Bullying, Harassment and Misconduct in the Civil Service included in its recommendations the need for organisations to “educate staff on what bullying, harassment and misconduct looks like in tangible terms, and provide opportunities for staff to seek confidential advice on the range of pathways and remedies available to them as victims and witnesses”.  In response, as a means of tackling the issue within their organisations, many employers have introduced the concept of ‘anti-bullying champions’, members of staff who have volunteered to offer support to colleagues who have concerns about bullying and harassment.


This programme is aimed at those taking on the role of anti-bullying champions and other staff who support colleagues concerned about bullying and harassment, providing them with the knowledge, confidence and skills need to succeed in the role. The programme includes practice sessions with actor/facilitators so participants can experience offering practical support in a safe environment.



To provide anti-bullying champions and others providing support to those concerned about bullying with the knowledge, confidence and communication skills needed to provide the necessary empathy and support required when communicating with colleagues who believe they are experiencing or have been accused of harassment and/or bullying.



The Anti-Bullying Champions training programme is a blended programme consisting of two elements:

  • A pre-workshop assignment introducing participants to some of the skills required for the role of an Anti-Bullying Champion. The assignment also included a quiz on the applicable legislation, which will be reviewed during the workshop
  • A highly practical one-day virtual workshop including practical activities with an actor/facilitator. The workshop concludes with an exercise aimed at identifying what further knowledge or skills you might wish to acquire to feel confident in the Champion’s role.


Learning Objectives

On completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Explain what the terms bullying and harassment mean
  • Explain the legal framework that protects employees from bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • Explain the process that employees should follow if they believe they are experiencing bullying or harassment at work
  • Demonstrate active listening
  • Demonstrate how to take a coaching approach in supporting colleagues who believe they are experiencing or have been accused of harassment and/or bullying
  • Create a plan for learning more about the role of the anti-bullying champion, the legislation that protects people from bullying and harassment at work and their own organisation’s policy on this subject.


Session 1

  • What the Law Says
  • What are the Issues?
  • What is Your Role?
  • Skills of the Champion
  • Questioning and Listening
  • Preparations for Session 2

Session 2 A

  • Practice Sessions – Groups 1 and 2

Session 2 B

  • Practice Sessions – Groups 3 and 4

Session 3

  • Review of Practice Sessions (Groups 1-4)
  • Action Planning
Anti-Bullying Champions Training
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