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Coaching Skills for Managers

Available as a face-to-face event or virtually via Zoom or MS Teams


This blended programme, which includes a one-day workshop, provides participants with the opportunity to explore the principles, skills and practice of coaching in the workplace as part of their leadership role.


We have long believed that developing a coaching culture within a business has multiple benefits.

Developing positive relationships between employees and their line managers can significantly improve employees' ability to handle stressful situations and reduces staff turnover. Having regular coaching conversations seems to be a more successful strategy than other 'engagement' initiatives in helping grow those relationships. 

This blended programme provides participants with not only the principles and practical techniques for conducting coaching sessions but, through encouraging participation both during and after the event, confidence in employing the skills in the workplace.


The aims of this programme are to provide participants with:

  • An opportunity to explore the principles, skills and practices of coaching in the workplace
  • An opportunity to use a selection of techniques to support the performance and development of others in the workplace.

Programme Format

This coaching programme is in three parts:

  • A pre-workshop assignment that should take 60-90 minutes
  • A one-day practical workshop
  • A post-course activity involving preparation for and delivering a coaching session.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Define coaching and explain the difference from other types of support
  • Describe the coaching cycle and explain the difference between formal coaching and ‘taking a coaching approach’
  • Review core skills for effective coaching
  • Explain the GROW coaching model and practise using typical questions that might be asked during each stage
  • Explore additional coaching tools/techniques that might be helpful in coaching conversations.

Pre-Workshop Content

This consists of four elements:

1.      A reading assignment covering:

  • Definition of coaching and differences from other types of support
  • Workplace contexts for Coaching, e.g. Performance Improvement, Promotion
  • Description of the Coaching Cycle

2.      An activity to reflect on and set their own programme objectives

3.      An activity to identify coaching situations in which they would like to be more effective, to include situations where they would like to be able to coach a colleague and/or they themselves would like to be coached

4.      Completion of the Drivers questionnaire.

Workshop Content

  • Review of pre-workshop activity
  • Essential Skills for Coaching
  • Ethics in Coaching Relationship and the Coaching Contract
  • The GROW Coaching Model
  • Skills Practice
  • Tools to Support Coaching - Life Positions/Drivers
  • Additional Model for Coaching Questions - Reflective Practice
  • Further Coaching Skills Practice
  • Reflections on the Programme/Post Workshop Activities

Post Workshop Content

  • Planning and conducting a coaching session with a colleague
  • Reflecting on the coaching session using Gibb’s Reflective Model
  • Reviewing a series of coaching videos


Coaching Skills for Managers
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