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South East Training offers coaching to both individuals and teams at all levels in organisations.  This technique can be used to help develop skills, to resolve issues that are inhibiting individuals giving of their best, or simply to help people cope during a period of change. Coaching can be provided as a standalone service or as part of a wider development programme involving other learning activities such as action learning sets, workshops and development days.  Coaching is provided face-to-face at the client's premises, by telephone or via web meetings.


How do we coach?

Our model for coaching focuses on identifying the gap between where the coachee is at the start of the process and where they want to be at the end.  From that point, the process involves looking at what is already in place to assist the change and what is blocking it.  There may be any number of reasons why an individual has not already achieved a goal. This might involve looking at factors such as the coachee's learning style, personality profile or drivers.  It is through this type of exploration that the best options for development are found. Once objectives and an action plan have been identified, the coach helps the individual move closer to their goal until the point where either party believes the involvement of the coach is no longer necessary. This is empowerment.


Who can Benefit?

Anyone in the organisation can benefit, providing they are committed to the process. Coaching can be used in any of the following situations:

  • Where an individual or team wants help in developing a new skills
  • To help individuals and teams implement new skills following a learning intervention
  • Where performance improvement is required
  • To help individuals and teams cope with change
  • To help individuals align with strategic objectives
  • To help develop a more strategic perspective following advancement
  • When support is required in making career choices
  • Prior to retirement or when facing redundancy.





All South East Training's consultants are also expert facilitators, used to helping groups work towards their objectives during meetings. The types of activities we typically facilitate include:

  • Business planning workshops
  • Business process mapping and improvement workshops
  • Problem solving and innovation workshops
  • Team away-days
  • Action learning sets 

We see our principal role as guide, helping groups identify and work towards their objectives using appropriate processes and tools.


The following case studies illustrate the type of work we undertake (please click on the links in the left panel):

  • Away Day for 70 members of an organisation's finance department
  • Challenge Event for participants completing an Aspiring Leaders' programme





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