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Facilitation Skills


A highly participative two-day course covering the facilitation process and providing an array of techniques for engaging groups both large and small


Facilitation is fast becoming a key skill for anyone who is in a team, leading a project team, heading up a working group or managing a department.

Facilitation is the skill and art of guiding others to solve their own problems and achieve their objectives without simply giving advice or offering solutions. A facilitator provides the structure and process – enabling groups to function effectively and make high-quality decisions.



The aim of the course is to provide participants with the tools, techniques and confidence to facilitate groups both large and small in identifying and achieving their business aims through collective activity.  The two-day programme offers participants several opportunities to perform in the facilitator role either singularly or in pairs, facilitating the rest of the group to achieve an aim.


Learning Objectives

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Appreciate the benefits and applications of facilitation in the workplace
  • Be able to differentiate between process and content facilitation
  • Identify the core practices and skills required for effective facilitation
  • Understand how to stimulate group participation and positively handle conflict
  • Consider the uses of a range of techniques contained within the ‘Toolkit’
  • Develop your facilitation skills through ‘live’ practice sessions.


Workshop Content

  • What is facilitation?
    • Definitions
    • When Can You Use Facilitation
    • The Benefits of and Barriers to Using Facilitation
    • The Role of the Facilitator
    • Content v. Process
    • Responsibilities, Competencies and Skills of the Facilitator
    • The Facilitator as the Content Expert
    • Challenge versus Support
  • Preparing to facilitate groups
    • Who to Consult?
    • Questions to Ask
    • Planning the Meeting
  • Communication skills
    • Building Rapport
    • Client Consultant Relationship
    • Questioning and Listening
  • Facilitating meetings
    • Introduction
    • Identifying Ground Rules
  • Facilitating challenging situations
    • Stages of Group Development
    • Dealing with Challenging Situations
  • Creating group participation
    • Making Interventions
    • The Intervention Process
    • Reasons for Intervention
    • Process Intervention Tools
  • Facilitating problem solving
    • The Problem Solving Process
    • Tools for Analysing Ideas
    • Disruptive Innovation
  • Facilitating decision making
    • Nominal Group Technique
    • Diamond 9
    • Multi-Voting
    • Paired Comparison
  • Putting it into practice


Facilitation Skills
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