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Management Development Programme for New Managers

Available as a series of virtual events, delivered via Zoom or MS Teams


This comprehensive programme addresses the nature of the manager-employee relationship and the essential skills required to achieve success in the role


The move from focusing on your own workload to managing the work of others is a big step and can often be daunting for new managers. This comprehensive programme provides new managers with an understanding of the essential skills and enhanced confidence they will require in their new roles. 

Beginning with an overview of what it means to being a manager, the programme goes on to explore the important skills of building relationships, managing upwards, motivation the team and individuals, delegating, giving feedback, handling conflict and coaching to improve performance, before looking at the manager’s role in handling disciplinary and grievance issues, and the recruitment and selection of staff.

The programme consists of three two-day virtual workshops and a half day action learning set, interspersed with a series of self-study activities designed both to prepare participants for the workshops and to help embed the learning acquired. 


This programme aims to provide those new to management with practical skills and confidence to take on the manager’s role.

Learning Objectives

On completion of the programme, participants will have:

  • enhanced confidence and effectiveness in the day-to-day management of individuals and teams
  • greater awareness and understanding of different management and leadership styles and how to flex and adapt style in order to deal with different people and situations effectively
  • enhanced ability to communicate effectively so as to present information clearly, assertively and persuasively, including communicating difficult messages and communicating in times of change
  • enhanced confidence and effectiveness in managing upwards
  • enhanced skill and confidence in managing performance including how to approach 1-1s and formal reviews, set objectives and monitor performance, give purposeful feedback and deal with situations of underperformance
  • enhanced understanding and skill in creating motivating environments for individuals and teams and helping people ‘to be the best they can be’
  • enhanced awareness, skill and confidence in dealing with conflict
  • enhanced understanding of commercial awareness and its relevance and importance to organisations and teams
  • enhanced skills and techniques in managing time and workload
  • enhanced understanding and awareness of policy and procedure relating to selection and recruitment, grievance, disciplinary, capability and sickness absence, and the role and responsibilities of managers within this.


The format of the programme consists of:

  • A pre-workshop assignment

The assignment involving reading and reflective exercises, and completion of two questionnaires that will be discussed during the first workshop

  • Three two-day virtual workshops, with inter-session activities:
    • Module 1 – Being a Manager
    • Module 2 – The Evolving Manager
    • Module 3 – Managing the Employer-Employee Relationship

These highly practical workshops involve a wide range of interventions including facilitator led discussions, questionnaires, individual and group exercises, and practice sessions.  

A series of inter-modular activities to help embed learning from the workshops

  • The half-day action learning set

The action learning set introduces the principles and format of action leaning, with the expectation that participants will wish to continue meeting as a Learning Set beyond the end of the development programme.

Workshop Content

Module One – Being a Manager


Day 1

  • Review of pre-workshop assignment
  • Being a manager
  • Your role as a manager
  • Motivation
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Managing upwards

Day 2

  • Relationship management
  • Recognising difference
  • Group Activity - DISC
  • Delegation
  • Giving feedback
  • Looking ahead

Module 2 – The Evolving Manager



Day 1

  • Inter-module activities review
  • Commercial awareness
  • Team dynamics
  • Handling conflict
  • Group exercise
  • The emotional dimension of change

Day 2

  • Performance management
  • Introduction to coaching
  • Essential coaching skills
  • The GROW model
  • Tools to support coaching
  • Coaching practice and review
  • Looking ahead


Module 2 – Managing the Employer-Employee Relationship


Day 1

  • Inter-Module Activity Review
  • Fairness and Equality at Work
  • Handling Staff Concerns
  • Disciplinary, Absence and Capability Interviews
  • Preparation for Practice Sessions
  • Practice Sessions – Disciplinary Interviews


Day 2

  • Guest Speaker - Chief Executive Input
  • Guest Speaker - HR Input
  • Recruitment and Selection
    • Avoiding Discrimination
    • Preparing for the Interview
    • Conducting the Interview and Review
  • Post Module Activities


  Action Learning Set      


  • The programme normally runs over 18 weeks, with the pre-workshop assignment being given to participants two weeks before the first module, four weeks between each of the three modules, and four weeks between the third module and the action learning set.
  • The two-day modules are spaced over three days to allow participants time to complete inter-session activities in preparation for day 2.
  • We ask the client organisation to provide a senior executive and an HR representative to participate in Q&A sessions during module 3.
Management Development Programme for New Managers
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