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South East Training Privacy Statement


1. South East Training will only collect and retain personal data that is essential to carrying out our function as a Learning and Development Consultancy. We will process and retain that data only for the lawful basis specified. In most cases, the lawful basis will be to meet contract requirements.


2. Personal data will be shared only with those individuals and organisations necessary to meet our contractual requirements and will not be shared with any other third parties without your express permission.


3. Where the purpose for collecting and retaining personal data falls outside contractual requirements, for example, for quality assurance, marketing or promotional purposes, we will ask for your clear and explicit consent.


4. Personal data that we have collected and retained for contractual purposes and no longer require for the continued delivery or promotion of our services will be deleted or destroyed as soon as it is no longer required.


5. Personal data that we have collected and retained for non-contractual purpose shall be used only for the purpose for which we gained your clear and explicit consent. If that purpose changes, we shall seek a new consent from you.


For full details of your rights as a customer or supplier to South East Training and how we treat your personal data, please click on the link below.



South East Training Privacy Statement
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