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Customer Service Skills for the IT Help Desk


A blended programme for IT Help Desk staff incorporating a practical half-day workshop, with actor supported exercises, focusing on the skills needed to deliver a professional customer service experience


Whilst the job descriptions of customer-facing staff normally emphasise the importance of excellent customer services, it is less common to see the same emphasis for those who do not have an externally facing role.

It is worth remembering, however, that we are all working to meet the needs of the external customer, that’s how we stay in business, and even when we don’t have direct contact with these external customers, everything we do will have some bearing on the organisation’s success in meeting these customer requirements.

We all have internal customers who rely on us carrying out our duties in such a way as to meet their needs, so that they in turn can meet the needs of their own internal and, where appropriate, external customers. It’s one big chain, and as we know, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

It is important to the continuing success of the business as whole that we treat each person in the chain just as if they were an external customer, which means recognising and understanding their needs, and striving to be the best we can in meeting those needs.

This short programme focuses on the communication skills that will ensure the best possible customer experience during their interaction with you.  The use of actors in the practical exercises helps bring a level of reality to this learning experience.


To provide participants with the skills needed to deliver a professional IT Help Desk customer service experience in support of the organisation’s business objectives.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of positive internal customer service in supporting the organisation’s business objectives
  • Distinguish between customers’ functional and emotional needs
  • Create a positive professional impression with customers
  • Develop relevant skills in communicating positively over the telephone
  • Develop listening and questioning skills to help identify and understand callers’ needs
  • Deal with customer dissatisfaction.

Pre-Workshop Assignment

  • Your role as a customer service provider?
  • The importance of meeting internal customer needs
  • Your experience as a customer
  • Your experience as a customer service provider
  • Practical exercise – identifying your own scenario

Workshop Content

  • Introduction
    • Why Is Excellent Customer Service So Important?
    • Understanding Your Customers’ Needs
  • Customer Communication
    • Communicating Customer Care
    • Empathy and Rapport
    • Questioning
    • Exercise - Questioning
    • Listening
  • Using Positive Language
    • The Language of Customer Care
    • Exercise – Using Positive Language
    • The Power of Empathy
  • Practical Sessions
    • Working with the actors
Customer Service Skills for the IT Help Desk
SET - Customer Service Skills for the IT[...]
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