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Equality and Diversity

A half-day workshop providing participants with basic knowledge and skills in aspects of equality and diversity, covering diversity awareness, LGBT awareness, mental health awareness and unconscious bias


The argument for equality and diversity in the workplace extends much further than the legal imperative to comply with the law or the moral issues persuading us to work towards a fairer society with equality of opportunity. There is a clear business case for diversity at all levels in organisations, offering particularly multi-perspectives in problem solving and decision making, and increased innovation.

However, the barriers to greater workplace equality and diversity are not obvious.  Obviously, there is a need for rules that ensure compliance with the law and, better still, encourage the adoption of best practice, but these alone are unlikely to create the truly multi-cultural organisation we might envisage for the future. There has to be a belief at all levels that a truly diverse workforce is both desirable and attainable, which in some organisations means a seismic shift both in awareness of the issues and in attitudes. 

In these organisations, there is clearly a need for training in both equality and diversity awareness, and the skills necessary to challenge stereotyping and prejudicial behaviours. The management of unconscious bias and indirect discrimination will only be brought about by education and a commitment to ensure it does not perpetuate inequality into the future.


The aim of this half-day workshop is to provide participants with basic knowledge and skills in aspects of equality and diversity, covering Diversity Awareness, LGBT Awareness, Mental Health Awareness and Unconscious Bias.


Learning Objectives


By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Identify the key concepts relating to discrimination, equality and diversity and the implications specifically for LGBT, Disability and Mental Health
  • Identify the role of unconscious bias on individual behaviours, how to recognise it within yourself and the impact it can have on others
  • Define the skills needed to overcome barriers and create an inclusive culture that helps eliminate hidden biases
  • Explain the importance of embedding good practice and identifying the practical impact on individuals and the organisation
  • Demonstrate how to embed good practice. 


Workshop Content and Method


  • Unconscious Bias – ‘What the Papers Say’
  • Being in a Minority - What is means for you and those around you.
  • Case Studies – Dealing with Discrimination (in groups)
  • Case A – Diversity Awareness (Disability)
  • Case B – LGBT awareness
  • Case C – Mental Health awareness
  • Case Study Presentations and Discussion (whole group)



  • Facilitator-led sessions
  • Group exercises and discussions
  • Participant presentations


This programme is delivered over half a day.  However, it can be extended to run over a full day by exploring additional topics and providing more opportunity for participants to reflect on their own experiences of discrimination and unconscious bias in the workplace.


Equality and Diversity
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