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Introduction to Project Management

A blended programme including a pre-workshop assignment and a one-day practical workshop covering tools and techniques aimed at developing participants’ skills and confidence in the project leader’s role


This programme consists of three elements:

  • An individual reading assignment incorporating a series of reflective activities
  • A one-day practical workshop
  • An individual post workshop activity with participants applying their learning to a practical project and sharing their experience with colleague either through the mechanism of peer-review or through an action learning workshop.


The aims of the programme are to provide participants with:

  • access to project management terminology
  • an understanding of the structure and processes to follow to manage projects of various sizes and importance successfully
  • practice at using some of the project management tools and techniques, and
  • confidence to tackle the project leader’s role.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Explain what type of work might be considered as a project
  • Identify the critical factors for successful implementation of a project
  • Explain the difference between programmes and projects
  • Define the key phases of an effectively managed project
  • Explain the purpose and list the content of a business case, distinguishing between project deliverables and benefits
  • Describe the activities associated with the definition phase of a project and the purpose of the project brief
  • Describe an appropriate structure for effective governance of projects
  • Explain the role and key attributes of a project leader
  • Write the objectives and define the scope of a project
  • Explain the term ‘stakeholder’ and conduct a stakeholder analysis
  • Identify the activities associated with the planning phase of a project and the purpose of the project initiation document
  • Construct a product breakdown chart and product flow diagram
  • Describe typical ways of estimating time, resources and cost
  • Explain the benefits of conducting a critical path analysis
  • Describe how to write and quantify project risks
  • Explain the purpose and content of a work package
  • Identify the activities associated with the implementation phase of a project and typical reporting mechanisms used
  • Identify what characteristics of a project should be monitored and the mechanisms in place for doing that
  • Identify the activities associated with evaluating and closing a project and the purpose of a project implementation review.


Pre-Workshop Activities


  • What is a project?
  • Why projects fail
  • Programmes and projects
  • Benefits management
  • The business case
  • The project life-cycle
  • Project governance
  • Project responsibilities


Practical Activities

  • Describe a typical project in which you are involved, including:
    • Aims and objectives
    • The key deliverables
    • Scope and Constraints
    • How the project is governed
    • The role of the project leader
    • Who are your stakeholders?

Workshop Content

  • Pre-Workshop Assignment Review
  • Defining a Project
    • The Project Brief
    • Objective Setting
    • Project Scope
    • Project Constraints
    • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Planning a Project
    • The Project Initiation Document (PID)
    • Effective Planning
    • The Planning Sequence
    • Product Based Planning
    • Estimating Time and Resources


  • Planning a Project-Continued
    • Critical Path Analysis
    • Developing a Schedule
  • Implementing a Project
    • Keeping to the Plan
    • Work Packages
    • Managing Risks
    • Monitoring Progress
    • Reporting Progress
    • Issue Management
    • Handling Exceptions      
  • Evaluating a Project
    • Post Implementation Review
    • Lessons Learned

Post Workshop Activity


  • Stakeholder Engagement / Communications Plan
  • Quality Plans


Practical Activities

  • Apply tool(s) to current project
  • Share with colleagues (peer review or ALS)


Introduction to Project Management
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