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Business Process Management

A two-day course providing participants with a systematic approach to business process management from defining organisational process structures through to managing individual improvement projects


It is likely that any unit of work undertaken in a modern business environment is part of a much larger sequence of activities that we can describe as a business process.  The ‘well-being’ of these processes is fundamental to meeting the needs of our customers, while retaining a sustainable business.


The problem within most organisations is that their business processes have evolved, often in an unplanned way, to meet the ever-changing demands of the marketplace, customers and other stakeholders.  Over time, with constant minor changes, they become inefficient, ineffective and uneconomic to operate.  Ongoing review and management of both the process architecture and the individual processes is therefore essential if our business processes are going to continue to serve our needs and those of our customers.


BPM is a strategy that recognises that change cannot be managed as a series of discrete short-term projects but instead requires continuous attention and that, at the heart of that effort, lies a concern for ensuring the essential core processes driving the business remain fit for purpose. 



This course provides participants with a systematic approach to business process management from defining organisational structures for ensuring business processes continue to meet the organisation’s requirements through to managing individual improvement projects.


 Learning Objectives

 By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between various change initiatives available to organisations wishing to bring about organisational efficiency and where BPM fits in
  • Explain the ‘business process architecture’ and its importance
  • Explain how to structure the governance arrangements for business process management
  • Explain the purpose and format of the BPM Maturity Model
  • List seven Critical Success Factors for Business Process Management
  • Explain the concept of the business process
  • Define a process in terms of its objectives, boundaries and key components
  • Describe how to illustrate the decomposition of operations into processes and tasks
  • Explain the benefits of defining end-to-end processes
  • Explain how process maps can help an organisation
  • List the steps involved in improving a business process
  • Explain how to identify and prioritise improvement opportunities and set new goals
  • Demonstrate how to produce and validate a business process map
  • Describe options for documenting a process
  • Use a variety of data collection, collation and analysis techniques to help identify and select improvement opportunities
  • Use a range of tools for deciding on the options for change
  • Explain how to present proposals to gain commitment for change.

Workshop Content

Business Process Management

  • Familiar Change Initiatives
  • Business Process Management
    • The BPM Architecture
  • Process Classification Framework
  • Process Decomposition
  • BPM Governance
    • Process Owners
    • BPM Managers
    • External BPM Experts
  • BPM Maturity
  • Critical Success Factors

What is a Business Process?

  • Input-Output Model
  • Business Controls
  • Control Systems
  • Control Versus Risk
  • Evaluating Process Risks


Business Process Improvement

  • The Change Process
  • Drivers for Change
  • Prioritising Effort

Mapping the Process    

  • Identifying the Key Elements
  • Producing the Process Map
  • Validating the Process Map 

Collecting Data

  • Data Collection Methods
  • Planning for Data Collection
  • Options for Change

Collating and Analysing Data

  • Collating Data
  • Analysing Data

Selecting Options for Change

  • Selecting the Tools
  • Validating the Selection

Gaining Approval for your Plan

  • Framework for Evaluation and Approval
Business Process Management
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