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Managing Yourself


This one-day event encourages participants to reflect on their self-awareness and self-management as a route to building confidence, competence and resilience


In today’s busy world with its conflicting demands on our daily lives, both from work and home, achieving success relies on us first looking after ourselves.  If we don’t do that we restrict our opportunity for helping others. The process begins with developing our self-awareness so we can better understand what we should be managing.

On this programme, we start by examining our personal performance and developmental goals, and the degree to which these are supported within our current job roles and/or home circumstances. This allows us to identify what changes need to be made so we can make most use of our talents, achieve success and feel a sense of fulfilment in our efforts.

The second part of looking after ourselves is based on understanding the pressure we face and how we deal with them, with a view to building resilience through adopting strategies to mitigate and cope with stress more effectively.



The broad aims of this programme are to provide participants with an opportunity to reflect on elements of their emotional intelligence, specifically their self-awareness and self-management, to help build confidence, competence and resilience.

This workshop dovetails with the one-day Managing Relationships workshop that looks at other elements of emotional intelligence related to developing an awareness of others and building positive relationships.


Learning Objectives

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Assess how your personal performance and development goals are supported within your current job role and determine what changes you can make to achieve alignment
  • Identify how to set yourself stretching performance development goals
  • Explain the role of feedback and disclosure in building self-awareness and identifying hidden strengths
  • Define individual resilience and factors that can help build resilience in the face of increased pressure at work
  • Identify the causes of stress at work and strategies you can adopt to mitigate and cope with stress more effectively
  • Adopt behaviours that will help increase your self-awareness and self-management.

Workshop Content

Developing Yourself

  • Having a personal purpose, values and vision
    • Drivers
    • Career values
    • Personal mission statement
    • Personal goal alignment
    • Personal development plan
  • Being proactive
    • Circles of Influence and Concern
  • Increasing self-awareness
    • Johari Window
    • Feedback and disclosure


Developing Resilience

  • Introduction
    • Definition of resilience
    • Pressure and stress
    • Symptoms of stress
    • The stress model
  • Becoming resilient
    • Drawing on strengths
    • Confidence
    • Adaptability
    • Individual strategies for increasing resilience
  • Action planning
Managing Yourself
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