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Event Project Management

This is a blended programme with a pre-course activity focusing on Project Management principles and a one-day workshop taking a practical look at creative event design, staging, planning and implementation


Preparing for and delivering an event is a special type of project that distinguishes itself by the ephemeral nature of the deliverable. Whilst events might be held for many reasons, for example, to inform, to entertain, to galvanise support or raise money, quite often the only lasting legacy is in the memory of those who attended. When it comes to deciding whether to attend a repeat of the event in future, attendees will rely on their memory to inform that decision, asking, “What sort of experience did I have previously?”  This places the focus of event design, staging, planning and implementation clearly on the ‘event experience’ and all that involves. Whilst solid project management principles underpin this programme, the central focus is on what sort of experience do the attendees want and how can we create that.


The aims of this programme are to provide participants with:

  • access to project management terminology
  • an understanding of the structure and processes to follow to manage event focused projects of various sizes and importance successfully
  • practice at using some of the project management tools and techniques, and
  • confidence to tackle the project leader’s role.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Explain what type of work might be considered as a project
  • Define the key phases of an effectively managed project
  • Utilise a variety of tools in defining a project
  • Creatively design an event to meet defined outcomes
  • Plan a project to meet defined objectives
  • Monitor the progress of an event project
  • Identify and manage risks within a project
  • Identify key factors in sustaining the commitment of the project team
  • List the activities involved in evaluating and closing a project.

Pre-Workshop Content

  • The Project Management Process
  • Defining a Project

Workshop Content

  • Introduction
  • Event Design and Production
  • Creative Thinking
  • Planning a Project
  • Implementing a Project
  • Evaluating and Closing a Project
  • Review and Close.


Event Project Management
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