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Train the Trainer

A practical two-day course workshop providing participants with the opportunity to explore a range of techniques for designing, developing and delivering effective training sessions



The programme aims to provide participants with the understanding, skills and confidence to deliver highly effective training courses.  Starting with a basic understanding of the trainer’s role, the course goes on to provide advice on preparing for and delivering programmes that maximize the learning opportunity.  Practical delivery sessions provide participants with the opportunity to test out their new-found skills and build confidence.


The aims of the course are to provide participants with:

  • An understanding of the trainer’s role
  • Tools and techniques for identifying the client’s needs and converting this into a programme for delivery
  • An understanding of how people learn
  • Development of the skills and confidence needed to deliver an effective session

Learning Objectives

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between training, facilitating and presenting information
  • List the skills and attributes of a successful trainer
  • Promote learner participation and involvement by using effective questioning techniques in a training session
  • Give effective feedback
  • Define the factors that promote learning
  • Apply the concepts of NLP and Accelerated Learning in training
  • Use recognised success measures to assess effective learning
  • Evaluate personal training strengths and areas to work on.



Workshop Content

  • The Role of the Trainer
    • Presenting, Training and Facilitating
    • Trainer Skills
    • Content and Process
    • Motivating to Learn
    • Challenge versus Support
    • Dos and Don’ts
  • Core Competences
    • Building Rapport and Developing Trust
    • Managing Your Communication
    • Questioning and Listening Skills
    • Giving Feedback Effectively
    • Receiving Feedback
  • Planning a Session 1
    • Preparing the Programme
    • What does the client want?
    • Aims and Objectives
    • Establishing the Content
    • Establishing a Structure        
    • Preparing the Materials


  • Planning a Session 2
    • Your Notes
    • Handouts
    • Preparing the Venue
    • Preparing for Your Audience
    • Preparing Yourself
    • Planning Evaluation
  • Delivery Skills
    • How People Learn
    • Bloom’s Taxonomy
    • Learning Styles
    • The Learning Pyramid
    • Left Brain Right Brain
    • Visualisation and Metaphor
    • Accelerated Learning
  • Dealing with Challenging Situations
    • Stages of Group Development
    • Dealing with Challenging Situations
    • Assertiveness
Train the Trainer
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