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Report Writing

This practical one-day workshop provides participants with a structured approach to report writing starting with a clear understanding of the report's purpose and progressing to an objective review at the end




We are all familiar with turgid and poorly structured reports that, rather than informing, could be put to better use as a remedy for insomnia. Or perhaps your experience has been with reports that are so abbreviated that they fail to address the topic to any depth at all, leaving you wondering what happened to the substance. These are symptoms of a failure to understand the needs of the ‘audience’. As with any form of communication, it is not enough to know what you want to communicate; you must also understand the expectations of the reader. This is the starting point for our report writing ‘journey’.


This one-day workshop follows an approach to report writing that will enable participants to produce documents that meet the needs of their intended audience in terms of content, presentation and emphasis, by using plain English, an appropriate layout and, where necessary, persuasive language. This programme leads participants through the process of creating a report from the initial stages of asking why the report needs to be written, who it is for and what are their expectations, through to the final stages of reviewing and editing. Participants are encouraged to work on one of their own reports throughout.



The workshop aims to provide participants with a structured approach to report writing, which starts with a clear understanding of the report’s purpose, progressing to a review at the end to evaluate its strengths towards achieving its aim.


Learning Objectives

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Describe the approach, structure and style of a report to reflect current best practice and professionalism
  • Describe the importance of SMART objective setting as a pre-curser to the successful planning and preparation of a report
  • Explain ways in which an analysis of a situation can be structured and presented in a report
  • Describe how to present recommendations in a persuasive, influential yet objective way to increase the likelihood that the readership will approve those findings
  • Identify common problems with the written word and how to overcome them
  • Compile a set of recommendations for effective report writing.


Workshop Content

  • An Overview of Report Writing
    • What Makes an Effective Report
    • Consequence of Poorly Written Reports
    • Getting Started
  • The Structure of the Report
    • Overview
    • Background/Introduction
    • Strategic/Operational Context
    • Objectives
    • Terms of Reference
    • Distribution
  • Report Content
    • Musts, Shoulds and Coulds
    • Planning - Outlining/Mindmapping
    • Analysis, Conclusions and Recommendations
    • Attachments
    • Executive Summary
  • Completing the Report
    • Review and Editing
    • The ABC of Effective Writing
Report Writing
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