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Recruitment and Selection Skills

Recruiters have a vital role both in helping their organisation achieve its mission and presenting a positive, progressive and inclusive face to the world. This programme focuses on the skills needed to achieve these aims. 


It is people that shape organisations. The choices and decisions that you make as a recruiter will ultimately impact on the how successful your organisation is in achieving its mission. It is important, therefore, to see the recruitment activity, even for short non-permanent roles, as a step toward achieving the organisation’s aspirations. Rather than a simple transactional process, recruitment is your opportunity to invest in your organisations’ future.


It is important also to be aware that, as recruitment is an outward facing activity, others will form and share opinions about your organisation based on their experience during the recruitment process.  Ensuring a positive candidate experience is essential if you want the best to apply. Recruiters have a vital role here, ensuring recruitment:

  • Is based on merit through fair assessment and open competition
  • attracts applicants from all backgrounds and sections of society
  • is positive about recruiting applicants with disabilities and mental health issues
  • presents a positive, progressive and ethical face to the world
  • is transparent in its decision making
  • provides a model for other organisations to follow.

This programme is focused on providing participants with the skills necessary to ensure the recruitment process supports the organisation both in achieving its mission and presenting a positive, progressive and inclusive face to the outside world. It follows the process from creating accurate job descriptions and person specification, through to the assessment and scoring of candidates.



The aims of the programme are to ensure participants are confident in:

  • Creating suitable and accurate job descriptions and person specifications
  • Writing attractive job adverts
  • Shortlisting applicants
  • Creating appropriate competency-based interview questions, incorporating assessment of values and behaviours
  • Conducting recruitment interviews

Learning Objectives

On completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Create the documents that form the candidate pack, including:
    • accurate job descriptions and person specifications
    • a recruitment grid
  • Create attractive job advertisements
  • Shortlist applicants by rating applications against your organisation’s competencies and values
  • Create appropriate competency-based interview questions
  • Conduct recruitment interviews following best practice
  • Score candidate and compete the board report

Workshop Content

Creating the Candidate Pack

  • The Candidate Pack
  • Role, Responsibility, Task and Competency
  • The Job Description
  • The Person Specification
  • Essential and Desirable Requirements
  • The Recruitment Grid

Creating the Advertisement

  • The Advertisement
  • Example Advertisement
  • Exercise – Advertisement


  • Rating Scale for Competencies
  • Avoiding Unconscious Bias
  • Testing Competencies and Values during Shortlisting

Creating Questions

  • Asking Competence-Based Questions
  • Testing for Values during the Interview or Assessment Activity
  • Exercise – Creating Questions

Planning for the Interview

  • Issues to Consider
  • Avoiding Unconscious Bias at Interview
  • Format of the Face-to-Face Interview

Practice Interviews

  • Exercise – Practice Interviews


Recruitment and Selection Skills
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