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Maximising Employee Engagement

Available for delivery face-to-face or virtually via Zoom or MS Teams

This blended programme, including a one-day course, focuses on maximising employee engagement during change when we most need our staff to be involved and committed to the new future


This programme is about maximising employee engagement by creating the conditions where your staff feel invested in their organisation, where they have an emotional connection that encourages them to do the very best they can, benefiting both the organisation and themselves.

It is important to recognise that employee engagement is not a destination but a journey, in much the same way as TQM is not a ‘state’ but a continual process of improvement. Neither has an end. As such, it is appropriate to consider how we might maximise the level of employee engagement at any point in time, but specifically at times of change when the challenges for both the organisation and its employees are the greatest.

What do we mean by ‘employee engagement’? Bob Kelleher, author of ‘Employee Engagement for Dummies’, offers the following definition:

‘Employee engagement is the mutual commitment between an organisation and an employee, in which the organisation helps the employee meet his or her potential and the employee helps the organisation meet its goals.’

Our focus for this programme is maximising engagement during change, a time when we most we most need staff to be involved and committed to new future.


To enable participants to:

  • Understand the importance of good communication in embedding and delivering change as part of any organizational development change project
  • Consistently improve employee engagement, trust and commitment to actively supporting change management projects.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of employee engagement prior to and during corporate change programmes
  • Explain how to maintain engagement during cycles of continuous improvement and organisational change
  • Build and maintain trust relationships with stakeholders, your team and internal customers
  • Manage conflicting priorities and stakeholder expectations effectively
  • Maintain your own reliance and motivation in the face of conflict
  • Influence strategically at all levels to overcome obstacles and maintain progress
  • Anticipate obstacles and implement no-cost or low-cost solutions
  • Repair new and long-standing relationships when things go wrong.

Pre-Workshop Assignment


  • What is employee engagement?
  • The Psychological Contract
  • Kurt Lewin’s Model of Change
  • Kubler Ross Change Curve


  • Identifying what employees want from their employment
  • Identifying current and anticipated changes within your own organisation
  • Watch the Simon Senek TED Talk ‘Start with the Why’
  • Completing the Influencing Strategically Questionnaire

Workshop Content

  • Pre-Course Assignment Review
  • Change and its Impact – Kurt Lewin
  • Lewin – Unfreeze
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Creating a Compelling Message
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Lewin - Change and Refreeze
  • Influencing Strategically
  • Building and Maintaining Trust
  • Managing Conflict
  • Managing Yourself
  • Maximising Engagement
  • Self-Reflection
Maximising Employee Engagement
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