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Authentic Leadership


Authentic Leaders adopt different styles based on their innate characteristics and the situations in which they find themselves, but they do share some common themes and it is these we address during this one-day workshop


In 2007, the Harvard Business Review commissioned research to identify how people become ‘authentic leaders’. They interviewed 125 leaders, from a diverse range of business, public sector and not-for-profit backgrounds. The interviews focused on individuals’ life stories, their successes and failures, and how they achieved their goals.

Notably, the interviews did not reveal any common characteristics, skills or qualities that had led to their success as leaders. Instead, their leadership effectiveness seemed to be a by-product of their life-stories. At a conscious or sub-conscious level, the leaders were continuously evaluating themselves through their own life experiences and reflecting these to their personal purpose.

However, the research did highlight a few common themes. They all demonstrated passion for their purpose; they were all consistently true to their values; they exercised self-discipline in their efforts to achieve their goals; and they understood the importance of building long-term meaningful relationships with others.  These are the themes around which we have based this programme:

  • Pursuing purpose with a passion
  • Practising solid values
  • Leading with heart
  • Establishing enduring relationships
  • Demonstrating self-discipline.


The aims of this one-day workshop are:

  • To develop awareness of the key attributes of an effective manager
  • To explore and practise skills associated with leading staff.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Describe different leadership styles to suit a range of team management and motivation situations
  • Summarise the optimum skills and qualities of an effective manager
  • Explain the theory of motivation and its application to stimulating and empowering your team
  • Describe the key steps for effective delegation
  • Explain how to use coaching skills to support staff in setting challenging performance goals within a commercially focused, entrepreneurial environment
  • Describe ways to promote two-way communication and regular opportunities for feedback to ensure your staff’s expectations are managed effectively.


Workshop Content

Introduction to Leadership

  • Authentic Leadership Principles
  • Defining Leadership
  • A Model of Leadership – Task, Team and Individual

Leading the Team - Team Motivation

  • Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory
  • Group Activity: Staff Motivation Using the Four ‘R’s
  • Optional Paired Activity - Dealing with De-Motivated Staff

Leading the Team - Communication Skills

  • Group Brainstorming: Methods of Communication
  • Questioning and Listening
  • Communicating Difficult Messages to Staff

Leading the Individual - Situational Leadership

  • The Hersey/Blanchard Model of Situational Leadership
  • Paired Activity: Applying the Situational Leadership Model


Leading the Individual - the Power of Delegation

  • Delegation
  • Group Activity: Delegation - Barriers and Benefits
  • Steps to Effective Delegation

The Leader as Coach

  • A Definition of Coaching
  • The GROW Model
  • Why Adopt a Coaching Style?
  • Group Activity: Coaching Skills Practice
  • The ‘Grow’ Model – Question Template

Being Proactive

Individual Learning Review





Authentic Leadership
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