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Presentation Skills

This one-day programme provides the opportunity for participants to deliver three short presentations and receive constructive feedback from colleagues and the facilitator in a supportive environment


Most professional roles involve giving some sort of presentations from time-to-time, whether this is presenting a paper at a conference, explaining your business plan to the board of directors or, simply, delivering your ideas for a new way of working to your team.  Whatever the circumstances, you want your audience to engage with the topic and buy-in to your ideas. In general, achieving this has little to do with whatever technical wizardry you use for your visual aids. Success is more likely to be dependent on what you say and how you say it.

There are numerous facets to making the perfect presentation including the structure, the length, the flow and, of course, your ability to influence and persuade by engaging with the audience.  Whether you have three people in your audience or three hundred, each one of them wants to feel that you are talking to them, that you have them in your sights and that you care about their reaction to what you have to say.

There is no doubt, making an engaging presentation is a skill but it is a skill that everyone can acquire by following a few simple rules, practising and committing yourself to being even better next time.



The aims of this one-day blended programme are to provide participants with:

  • Some simple techniques for planning and delivering an effective presentation
  • The opportunity to practise and improve their presentation technique in a safe environment
  • Confidence to tackle the next ‘real’ presentation with passion and energy after the workshop.


Learning Objectives

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Design and write clear objectives for a presentation
  • Explain and demonstrate how to structure a presentation
  • Explain and demonstrate how to use effective visual support to give powerful presentations
  • Identify, explain and demonstrate how to deliver a powerful presentation and control nerves


Pre-Workshop Assignment

  • Powerful presentations
    • Types of presentations
    • Structure of a presentation
  • Preparation
    • Aims and objectives
    • Preparing for your audience
    • Defining the format
    • Preparing for the venue and equipment
    • Preparing yourself
  • Topic Analysis
    • Techniques, e.g. mind mapping, outlining
    • Editing techniques
  • Structure of a presentation
    • Introduction
    • Main body
    • Summary
  • Preparing powerful visual support
    • Design/colours
    • Number of words
    • Use of transitions
    • Use of other visual aids
    • Personal notes
  • Delivery techniques
    • Controlling nerves
    • Voice control
    • Body language
    • Controlling mannerisms
    • Engaging the audience
    • Storytelling
    • Co-facilitation
  • Preparation for a five minute presentation


Workshop Content

  • Introductory presentations
  • Review of the pre-workshop assignment
  • Preparation for practical session 1
  • Practical session 1 – participant presentations and feedback
  • Discussion, picking up on issues from practical session 1
  • Preparation for practical session 2
  • Practical session 2 – participant presentations and feedback
  • Discussion, picking up on issues from practical session 2


This is a highly practical workshop during which we want to give every participant the opportunity to deliver three presentations.  As such, we prefer to restrict the numbers to six participants for each facilitator we use.

Presentation Skills
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