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Women's Development Programme Goal Setting and Career Planning

This one-day stand-alone module, one of four in the Women’s Development Programme, helps participants identify what they want to achieve in their lives and careers and set measurable goals for success

Overview of the Women’s Development Programme

Women bring different perspectives and voices to an organisation, to the debate and to decisions taken. Studies have shown that the environment for women in senior roles improves once about a third of leaders at that level are female, and that a’ critical mass’ of 30% or more women at board level or in senior management produces the best financial results.

There is a striking correlation between strong business performance and women’s participation in management. The failure of any business or economy to maximise the talents of all its people will result in below-par performance. Tapping into the under-utilised pool of female talent is vital if organisations are to respond to rapidly changing expectations.

Women tend to undervalue their own skills, achievements and experiences and the relatively low number of successful female role models often compounds stereotypes and reinforces perceived difficulties in rising up the organisational ladder.

Although things are changing, women’s careers are disproportionately disrupted through caring responsibilities at various stages in their working lives. Many women are ‘sandwich carers’ providing care for ageing parents as well as younger generations. Recent research suggests that talent progression for women stops at around age 45 though they will have valuable skills that should be highly prized in the workplace.

A development programme which allows women to take time to reflect on their achievements so far and focus on their aspirations for the future can only bring benefits to them and the organisation supporting them. This modular programme aims to help women develop and promote a positive self-image, and achieve the visibility needed to achieve their career and personal goals.

Other modules in the programme include: Confidence Building, Building Resilience and Image, Visibility and Networking.

Overview of the Goal Setting and Career Planning Module

The process of setting goals helps us to identify precisely what we want to achieve and what we need to do in order to get there. It can give us a long-term sense of direction, a vision to work towards and helps us to make the most of our lives. Setting clearly defined and measurable goals in planning our careers allows us to identify the jobs that we want, which maximise our talents and skills, and which allow us to achieve a sense of fulfilment.

Learning Objectives

On completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the importance of values and how they influence their decision making
  • Explain the synergy between organisational and personal values
  • Demonstrate an overall direction for both career and personal life
  • Identify opportunities for and threats to success
  • Define personal goals
  • Describe a strategy for celebrating and building on success.


  • Introductions
  • Personal values
  • Career/work values
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
  • Setting your goals
  • Taking responsibility for career direction and progression
  • Learning review of the module
  • Post module actions

This face-to-face event:

  • Allows for skills practice in a safe environment
  • Provides the opportunity to build networks by allowing participants to form alliances/friendships/support mechanisms
  • Uses discussion to share feedback and experiences.

The programme provides the tools, direction and confidence needed for you to advance your career and also have an impact on your organisation.

In a programme that is exclusively for women, you will be able to focus on your own development and challenges in a room full of people with similar issues and experience.  You can explore your identity, strengths and weaknesses well apart from your usual context. And, importantly, the content is tailored to you as a woman.

Womens' Development Programme - Goal Setting and Career Planning
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